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One Target, Multiple Arrows

It’s hard to hit a target in an expanding universe. But with Novus, you not only navigate the digital world to meet your campaign goals, but also optimize your digital campaign to complement and enhance your entire “media mix.” Our full line of digital products can work alone or in tandem to give you exactly the reach, response and results you desire.

Local and Custom Direct Buy

Primary Benefit: Control

Looking for maximum brand control in trusted, local content environments? This is it. With Local and Custom Direct Buys, Novus works directly with the publishers of local media, newspaper and broadcast sites to negotiate optimal rates and targeting capabilities. If your target can be reached on national, niche or vertical sites, we have that covered as well. You gain access to premium opportunities (such as sponsorships, road blocks and takeovers), and you know exactly the site(s) where your ad is going to run—including mobile, video and email outlets. Plus, take advantage of behavioral, contextual, demographic, geographic and other advanced targeting capabilities. Bottom line: Novus is the local media expert that helps you protect and build your brand.

Audience-Based Buy

Primary Benefit: Targeting

If the ability to microtarget your audience is your primary concern, consider an Audience-Based Buy. Your ad can appear anywhere among thousands of quality websites based on audience criteria. You can target your audience by behavioral, contextual, demographic and geographic factors across an entire network. Novus works directly with ad exchange platforms, publishers and technology partners to eliminate “middle man” networks, drive down your campaign expenditures and boost your ROI.

Performance-Based Buy

Primary Benefit: Accountability

Want to pay only for achieving desired actions from your audiences? Then our cost-per-action (CPA) model is for you. Whether you’re looking for a purchase, form submission or other response from your digital advertising, Novus can shape a campaign model that meets your specific requirements.
  • Build your customer database through prospect email and co-registration.
  • Use white papers and other forms of content syndication to fill your sales pipeline with qualified leads.
  • Create new revenue streams via secure landing pages and alternative e-commerce channels.
  • Quantify the consumer experience through costper-engagement programs.
Through performance-based buying, we can lower your risk and make nearly any digital media program accountable. You choose the action. We’ll deliver the results—and the ROI.

Technology Enhancements

Primary Benefit: Staying on the Cutting Edge

Through a vast array of digital partnerships, Novus opens the door to multiple emerging digital marketing tools. From dynamic display advertising and advanced SEM to purchase intent surveys, third-party audience verification—even advertising on pages printed from newspaper websites—Novus is truly a one-stop digital shop for your next online campaign.