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The Reality

Let's face it: People don't exist in media silos anymore; we all move seamlessly across multiple platfoms every day. So does it still make sense to target customers through a purely print or exclusively online media buy? Not always. Today's Trusted Content Consumers choose their media mix based on trusted sources of locally relevant content—regardless of whether the medium is print or digital.

The Result

At Novus, we believe in the power of "Print + Digital." That’s why we launched Intersect, a comprehensive process to identify the Trusted Media Mix within each platform, as well as across both platforms at the local level.

Intersect puts the full arsenal of Novus media research tools to work for you, showing you the "media pie" that makes the most sense for your media buy.

The Bottom Line

With Intersect, every campaign dollar works harder for you—especially important when marketing budgets are tight. Your campaign speaks the language of today’s consumer, reaching targets in the places they live and around content they trust. Plus, with Novus acting as your "one voice" with print and online publishers, your campaign benefits from the increased volume that boosts value for your marketing budget.

Intersect gives you powerful insights into the Trusted Media Mix