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Our Culture, Your Career

A dynamic, technology-driven industry. A strongly rooted company with a forward-thinking culture. A reputation for hyper-responsive client service. Sound like a good fit with your personal interests and professional values? Look into joining the Novus team today. You won’t regret it ... trust us.


Work in the heart of a fast-moving business. Account Management is where new relationships are forged, new ideas are spawned and new growth begins. If you’re not only a “people person”— but also have a keen eye for detail and a sharp mind for out-of-the-box thinking— this is where you want to have your office.


Dive head-first into the fast-growing digital space. Our burgeoning local online area is where you can apply solid fundamentals to meet ever-changing technologies and user expectations. If you like staying three steps ahead of industry trends (and discovering new opportunities within them), consider joining the Novus team to help fuel our continued digital growth.


Forge the critical connection between advertisers and content providers. Our Media Investment area is where the action is—where relationships are formed, deals are made and opportunities are fully realized. If you like mixing the science of strategy with the art of negotiation, this is where you want to be.


If Account Management is the heart of Novus, Operations represent the nerve center. It’s not just about keeping things running smoothly. Our ability to provide seamless service to content providers goes full circle toward giving us additional leverage in rate negotiations—and providing critical value to our clients.


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