How We Became the Best Media Buyer for Print and Online - Novus

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Reaching the Trusted
Content Consumer

Newspapers. Magazines. Local online content delivered on computers, laptops and smartphones. The media buying climate grows more complex and fragmented every day, but the element of trust remains constant.

From its founding in 1987, Novus has led the media buying industry in identifying and reaching Trusted Content Consumers (TCCs): people who respond to ads placed within locally relevant content they already know and trust—be it newspaper and magazine media, online media or emerging technologies.

From direct response advertisers to retailers, entrepreneurial companies to agencies, clients trust Novus to bring them a 30,000-foot view of integrated digital and print media buying strategies, as well as an understanding of the minutiae of ad specs, and rates.

Our track record of putting it all together, reaching TCCs and delivering results is why we’ve earned our clients’ trust for over 20 years.

Novus leads the industry in reaching TCCs: audiences who trust advertising that appears in the context of locally relevant content.